Nadavin Exclusive J.W.
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Prince Arthur Vom Belauer See at Nadavin (IMP DEU)

SH CH Ewtor McEwan at Nadavin JW ShCM

Ewtor Connoisseur

Ewtor Cognac

SE CH Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See

SE CH Törnskogens Tom Timmerman

SE CH Winterbourne Whoops-A-Daisy

SH CH Nadavin Wenhaver JW


Sonnetend Magic Touch at Carinyssader

Tayowen Touch of Dignity

SH CH Elgert Cadenza for Sonnetend

SH CH Nadavin Thistledown JW

SH CH Nadavin Rothesey JW

SH CH Nadavin Quinevere JW


Jill & Charles Holgate


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