SH CH Nadavin Wenhaver JW
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Sonnetend Magic Touch at Carinyssader

Tayowen Touch of Dignity

Gamefell Gambit

 SH CH Tayowen Touch of Dreams

SH CH Elgert Cadenza for Sonnetend

CAN CH, SH CH Winfarthing's Jonathon Archer for Mishules

SH CH Nadavin Lilianna for Elgert JW

SH CH Nadavin Thistledown JW


SH CH Nadavin Rothesey JW

SH CH Tayowen Touch of Diplomacy

Nadavin Lecea

SH CH Nadavin Quinevere JW

SH CH Ewtor McEwan at Nadavin JW ShCM

SH CH Nadavin Nobility


Jill & Charles Holgate


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