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Sh Ch Donholme Eva of Nadavin JW
Sh Ch Nadavin Aristocrat JW
Nadavin Anooshka
Nadavin Bright 'N ' Breezy
Nadavin Constance
Donholme Handsel of Nadavin
Sh Ch Nadavin Danielle
Sh Ch Nadavin Diplomat JW
Sh Ch Nadavin Dusky Princess of Tayowen
Sh Ch Nadavin Elegance JW
Coralmist Clannard of Nadavin
Nadavin Golden Girl
Sh Ch Nadavin Heiress JW
Sh Ch Nadavin Inheritance
Sh Ch Nadavin Julianna JW ShCM
Nadavin Lecea
Sh Ch Nadavin Lillyanna for Elgert JW
Sh Ch Nadavin Nobility JW
SH CH Ewtor McEwan at Nadavin JW ShCM
Sh Ch Nadavin Quinevere JW
Sh Ch Nadavin Quinlan
Sh Ch Nadavin Quany at Vrackie
Sh Ch Nadavin Quintessa at Tayowen
SH CH Nadavin Rothesey JW
Nadavin Scion
SH CH Nadavin Thistledown  JW
SH CH Nadavin Ualan at Vrackie
SH CH Nadavin Ursella With Jesham
Nadavin Victoriana JW
SH CH Nadavin Wenhaver JW
SH CH Nadavin Yaden at Irisbel
SH CH Nadavin Yirki At Tumblebar
SH CH Prince Arthur Vom Belauer See At Nadavin JW
SH CH Nadavin Exclusive J.W.
Nadavin Zahlee
SH CH Nadavin Neala J.W.

Parents G. Parents G. G. Parents





Junior Warrant (JW) Any dog that has obtained 25 points whilst between the ages of 6 and 18 months. A minimum of 3 points must be won at Championship Shows where CCs for the breed are on offer and a minimum of 7 points won at Open Shows or Championship Shows were CCs are not offered for the breed.

Show Certificate of Merit (ShCM) Any dog that has obtained 25 points at General and Group Open Shows. A minimum of five points must be won in Group Competition.

Show Champion (Sh Ch) Any Gundog awarded three CCs under three different Judges provided that at least one of the CCs was awarded when the dog was more than twelve months of age.


Jill & Charles Holgate


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